Yin Yoga - The Power of Metal

Address3 Sittingbourne Road
AtSouthcote Proactive Healthcare
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3 Sittingbourne Road
Southcote Proactive Healthcare
Kent (GB073)
Tel 2017-10-21
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A DEEP Yin exploration of Metal element. Inviting you to safely explore tensions, fears & restrictions in the mind and body through the powerful & soothing practice of Yin. Metal in Chinese Tradition Medicine is linked to autumn, transformation, power, justice and balance. The element correspsonds emotionally to the qualities of Lung and Large Intestine Meridians. The Lungs transform the air we breath into the oxygen necessary for our bodies to function and the Large Intestine eliminates the waste that our bodies no longer need. According to the classical texts in Tradional Chinese Medicine, the Lungs are associated with the emotion of grief, they open into the nose, and are directly connected to the skin and body hair (sweat glands) which are part of our immune system and work very closely with other organs in providing and maintaining a sense of homoeostasis in the body.

It is during this time of the year people more likely experience asthma, allergies, colds and flus, develop stress related skin issues, bowel disturbances, depression and anxiety. As a malleable substance, metal can change its structure over and over again. It allows and invites change without losing its essence, power or integrity. We'll be using this precious quality to explore our ability to adapt and accept change. ***************************************************************************** Booking: £20 - early bird b4 06/10/17 £25 (or £60 as part of a full day Urban Retreat: 9-6pm) To book, please contact [email protected], 07496803147 ***************************************************************************** URBAN RETREAT WORKSHOPS 21st Oct: 9-11am Vinyasa Yoga 12-2.30pm Pranayama Workshop 1 3:30-5:30pm Yin Yoga - The Power of Metal £60

Wish I could make it but I'm away. Hoping to make some of the other workshops though. Xxxx
TWO DAYS LEFT for the EARLY BIRD. Contact me for a space for £20 before Friday <3
I think I’m on a driver awareness course that day

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