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Address225-226 High St, Uxbridge
AtHillingdon Civic Offices
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225-226 High St, Uxbridge
Hillingdon Civic Offices
London (GB085)
Tel 2017-10-29
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JOIN MOMENTUM, OWEN JONES AND OTHERS TBC. MORE INFO & RSVP ⏩ Enough is enough. Boris Johnson is a national and international embarrassment. At the last election, his majority fell from 10,695 to 5,034. We don't when this increasingly preposterous government will fall, but we have to campaign now if we want to win. It will a beautiful sight when Johnson loses his seat - and it will mean Labour will be forming a government. Never campaigned before? There will be training in persuasive campaigning in the morning, and you'll be paired up with someone experienced. Locations and times will be confirmed TBC - but please press JOIN now and put the date in your diary. Seriously: the joke is no longer a joke. Boris Johnson is our representative on the global stage.

Humiliating doesn't cover it. So let's take Labour's inspiring vision to the doorsteps - and make sure we hear those magical words, UXBRIDGE AND SOUTH RUISLIP: LABOUR GAIN. *Campaigning costs money, and we're not bankrolled by billionaires, so please donate whatever you can here >>*

= Despicable beyond belief. To think that this vile despicable cretin represents our country as a government appointed foreign secretary beggars belief. This was his latest "laddish" address to a fringe meeting with his Tory chums. Clear away the dead bodies so that his chums can make money, reasons Boris. “There’s a group of UK business people, wonderful guys, who want to invest in Sirte, on the coast, near where Gaddafi was actually captured and executed, as some of you may have seen. “And they literally have a brilliant vision to turn Sirte, with the help of the municipality of Sirte, to turn it into the next Dubai. The only thing they’ve got to do is clear the dead bodies away and then they’ll be there.”
I would like him gone and agree we should push for this, but I think the left would do well to remember that figures likeare no worse then the rest of the Conservative party. The only difference isis not capable of appearing civil. A person who is openly reprehensible on so many level is I think better for the left then replacing figures , such as Trump and Boris, for people that are no better in their policies and beliefs but that may make conservatives appear more palatable. Replace them with leftists, use them to discredit the right, don't ask for 'moderate' conservatives and let them distance themselves from him .
I wholeheartedly agree that he is a disaster, a liability, a joke etc, but I also think he's...

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