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Address388 Old Street
AtZiferblat London
CountyLondon (GB085)

388 Old Street
Ziferblat London
London (GB085)
Tel 2018-04-03
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We're super excited to introduce a new Tuesday night Meetup group beginning 3rd April at 19:00 at Ziferblat London. Running for 12 weeks to correspond with The Artist's Way book by Julia Cameron, this meetup group will create a community to go through the book together. Maddison will be facilitating the meetings in order to help everyone get to know each other and the book really well. Whether you have no experience with The Artist's Way whatsoever or are a seasoned returner, all are welcomed. . We will be accepting new members through the 3rd week (17 April), after which it'll be closed. If you have any questions please message Maddison Bruno (she's an admin), email her at [email protected], or contact Ziferblat directly. ---- What is The Artist's Way? Dubbed as a "Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self" The Artist's Way works on the premise that all humans are creative.

Working mostly with methods that some (I) would call common sense, The Artist's Way works to identify negative thought patters that prevent us from being creative and then harness those negativities to remould them into positive outlooks that allow us to begin creating (again). Don't take my word though, here are a few write-ups: What will happen at this meeetup? At the first meeting, we'll get to know each other, the basic principles (especially the morning pages and artist's dates) and look ahead at Week 1. After that, each week we'll discuss our progress and experiences with each chapter, the exercises, and tools and provide support, encouragement, and various ideas to help each other out. In my experience, this program can be challenging at times and having a support system is really helpful. Just to note that this is a collective creative cluster more than a class. Do I need anything? You will need to have your own copy of The Artist's Way, which you can find at most local bookshops or on Amazon here: Is there anything to prepare in advance? You will need the book for this meet-up, but other than that nothing is necessary. However, if you have time to go through the Basics (i.e. read about the morning pages and artist's date) that may be helpful. You can find out about these in the Basic Tools chapter at the beginning of the book, or here: or read about it here Does this cost money? Each session will be £6 to pay for the space :)

What are the running times from these wonderfully looking meet ups? :) ta x

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