Resolution 2018: Out of Order // Sara Augieras // Joss Carter

Address17 Dukes Road
AtThe Place
CountyLondon (GB085)
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17 Dukes Road
The Place
London (GB085)
Tel 2018-02-20
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Once Standing by Out Of Order The last two people left on Earth. Maybe because the world has come to an end, maybe because civilisation as we know it has ceased to exist. What would it be like removing all life demands and established expectations? How would identity be affected without the presence of the group? In the absence of an all-encompassing society, two circus performers turn to imagination and resilience to start from scratch. With only themselves as an audience, their new reality takes on unexpected guises. Humorous situations, desperate isolation, and inventive past-times, are all to share the (non-) stage. Choreographers/Performers: Angeliki Nikolakaki Jesus Capel Luna Photographer: Marcus Hessenberg Costume Designer: Akshy Marayen Set Designer: Sally Somerville-Woodiwis Supported by: The Place National Centre for Circus Arts Circumference Paris Texas by Sara Augieras Inspired by Wim Wenders’s cinematographic work, Sara interprets Jane the long missing female character in Paris Texas.

Locked into those rooms created to charm, we discover her as she obeys behind an one-way glass mirror to her customers’ desires. She plays amused and insouciante, until thrown back to the real world, she becomes aware again of the child she has abandoned some years ago. Under the lights, fully exposed to an audience she does not see, she pretends to own it, the game she has set up between you and herself. But reality as performers is never too far to unveil the masks we wear on stage. ‘Anatomy of the Heart’ by Joss Carter Have you ever felt physically love sick, or just mentally sick of love? This cruel solo pursuit dissects the grotesque self conscious, displaying anxious confessions of a romantically melancholic soul. Joss Carter confronts the barriers between dance theatre and live performance art, stripping the ego to its core to evoke depressive methods of madness within his own personal experiences with love and mental health. With a stage drenched in sadness, Joss hangs in a world of shame and denial with the hope of unearthing once again, the empathetic archeology of human existence and suffering, aiming to bring further awareness of its conceptual issues into real life. This piece contains nudity and graphic imagery which some viewers may find offensive and/or traumatic. Trailer: Crowdfunding: Choreographer/Performer: Joss Carter Producer: Joss Carter Photography: Dean Chalkley Cinematography: Daniel Lowenstein Musical editor: Kit Bodenham Special FX: Karolina Kluzniak Aerial Rigger: Aaron Marshall Kindly Supported by: Sadler’s Wells Theatre, TripDance, K5 Studio, The Place.

What's your slot? Do we have to get there by 8pm? I want to come but I'll be late.
Looks amazing. Will be there with bells on. X

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