Rapid Inductions and Hypnotic Phenomena for Hypnotherapists

AddressRussell Cotes Road
AtMarsham Court Hotel Bournemouth
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Russell Cotes Road
Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouth
Dorset (GB041)
Tel 2019-02-28
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I am delighted to invite you to join me for a day-long, fun filled seminar aimed at and created for hypnotherapists looking to advance their range and fluency at inducing hypnosis rapidly and using hypnotic phenomena with therapeutic clients. During this seminar, you will learn how to: • Develop fluency in inducing hypnosis. • Induce hypnosis without scripts. • Understand a wide variety of approaches. • Be confident enough to create your own inductions on the spot. • Use language effectively throughout. • Understand some key underlying theoretical principles with regards to rapid inductions. • Know a wide variety of structured rapid inductions. (I explain and demonstrate at least 15 on the day) • Learn a wide variety of hypnotic phenomena to elicit with clients to convince, enhance suggestibility, create credibility and benefit your therapeutic work.

All of these processes you’ll learn will give your clients verifiable convincers of the power of their mind, their imagination and what they can do with hypnosis. Evidence shows that the more a client believes in their own ability with hypnosis, the more hypnotisable they become, and potentially the more responsive to therapy. You are going to learn how to absolutely advance their belief in their abilities with hypnosis and undeniable convincers using hypnotic phenomena that will have the client telling all their friends, family and colleagues about you and your services. Likewise, many believe that being able to create hypnotic phenomena with clients can enhance the perceived credibility of the therapist. It shows you have skills that can help the client to do some amazing things when they apply themselves accordingly. Back in the 1960s both Barber (1969) and Hilgard (1965) showed that suggestions can be responded to with or without hypnosis, but that the function of a formal induction could increase susceptibility. I think it is important to have a wide range of hypnosis inductions and evidence just show that inductions that emphasise alertness can be just as effective as those that promote physical relaxation (Banyai, 1991). You'll learn how to use inductions that will result in very responsive clients with a range of tempo, tone and applications. For further information about dates, venues and fees for this event being held more locally to you, please enter your name and email address in the boxes on this page and you'll be sent on a seminar prospectus detailing upcoming dates, venues and fees straight away by email: There is also a short extract of video taken from a former seminar there which you might enjoy. Your trainer for the day: Myself, Adam Eason -- I run the Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis, lecture for the Royal Society of Medicine and Bournemouth University at Masters degree level, am a researcher, author of a number of books (including a bestseller or two) and audio programmes. My podcast and blog are very well followed and demonstrate my love for evidence based hypnosis in clinical settings. I originally created this seminar with my friend James Brown (The Professional Opportunist) who blends together a unique mix of magic, suggestion and pickpocketing. There is plenty of his influence in this seminar, as well as the influence of many of my friends and colleagues in the fields of stage hypnosis, street hypnosis and performance magic. The combination of influences within this seminar is interesting. I have a clinical hypnotherapy background, I favour evidence based approaches and am a stickler for the rationale behind the processes involved in hypnosis. I have trained alongside and under entertainers, acclaimed close-up magicians and professional pick pockets whose performance skills make it easier to induce hypnosis with verve and confidence. I want you to have a stimulating contrast of styles and methods so that you gain greater insight and learn more. I want to show you how you can see varying means of inducing hypnosis and that having a depth of varying skills can make you a better hypnotherapist. I am going to demonstrate a number of inductions to add to any hypnotherapist's repertoire. I will also offer you up the underlying important principles that guide how we induce hypnosis. In addition, I will offer up advanced techniques and strategies for inducing hypnosis and will critique what I have done during demonstrations -- showing you what is happening and how the approaches vary. I'll then also offer up my favourite ways of eliciting hypnotic phenomena, creating fabulous effects and helping to enhance the clients belief in you and their own ability. Though primarily aimed at helping in therapy, this is the kind of hypnotic phenomena that can also be used to demonstrate your skills in most of life's situations and circumstances. It'll showcase your skill. I enjoy laughter. This school believes in teaching in a fun, stimulating and supportive atmosphere. Everyone who attends this seminar will also receive a manual describing all the techniques demonstrated on the day as part of the seminar fee. For further information about other dates, venue and fees for this event around the UK and Europe this year, please enter your name and email address in the boxes on this page and you'll receive a full comprehensive seminar prospectus:

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