Pranayama: the philosophy and the practice with Divya Kohli

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3 Lonsdale Road
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“Only through mastering the mind can we find peace and happiness. Pranayama is the direct tool and channel for affecting the mind” Yoga philosophy and teachings describe Pranayama as a direct way of touching the mind and our consciousness, and therefore a vital component of Yoga. The Yogis knew that relying on how we work with the body without conscious regular attention to how we are breathing can only take the individual so far. In today’s world, yoga is mainly taught and understood as a movement of the body practice, yet it is with Pranayama that we learn how to deeply connect to the breath and consciously manoeuvre it in order to reach states of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual equilibrium. This workshop will: - explain the meaning and roots of Pranayama - share how these practices are relevant today, in particular to managing the stresses and stimulation of modern day life - teach you three fundamental Pranayama practices for mental and emotional balance and clarity

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