PolSoc Family Social at Hole in the Wall

AddressLittle Castle Street
AtThe Hole In The Wall
CountyDevon (GB040)

Little Castle Street
The Hole In The Wall
Devon (GB040)
Tel 2017-10-20
Categoria Events

The Clintons, Kennedys, Trudeaus, Roosevelts, Bushes and Trumps(??)- and now yours. Gather together your own political dynasty and join us for some family feuds and not so family-friendly competition. Complete this survey and we'll organise you lovely lot into your families: Freshers will be the children and 2nd/3rd years the 'responsible' parents. Dress codes for each family TBC.. Host your own pres with extended family then come along at 7:30 to the Hole in the Wall. There we'll be holding a series of competitions, quizzes and tasks to see if glory really does run in the family. Then- onto TP. For now, fill out the survey and details will follow. See you there, PolSoc love x

Hey guys.

If you're planning on coming to this social, please could you click 'going' and fill out the survey in the description so I can place you in your families. If you're not planning on coming but have already filled out the survey, could you just drop me a message on Facebook so I can take you off my spreadsheet? If you want to bring friends, that's absolutely fine as we welcome members from all subject areas but they'll need to be a member of PolSoc, click 'going' on the event and fill out the survey just like you, as we want everyone to be assigned a family. It's going to be a lot of fun - we have games planned for when you arrive at Hole in the Wall and your 'parents' will be hosting pres at their houses before we all meet up (group chats will be made after I release the family list closer to the date). Can't wait to see you all. P.S. my future kids, watch out

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