Planet Shroom

AddressTrinity Road
AtTrinity Centre
CountyBristol (GB017)

Trinity Road
Trinity Centre
Bristol (GB017)
Tel 2017-10-14
Categoria Events

Shroom season is coming round again... we don't know what it'll bring just yet, apart from The God Laser, the awesome rig and our usual shroomy environment. The tunes will be fat too. Obvs. We'll let you know who is gonna be playing them soon. enjoy your summers and please spread our spores with your friends ;)

in relation to our post about the next shroom being revolutionary bollox bollox bollox, we will give a pair of tickets to the first person who guesses what is going to be different about it. If no-one gets it right the tickets will go to the person giving the funniest answer.... post 'em below, you have until Tuesday ;)
if our plans come together this party is going to be revolutionary in terms of it's artistic and musical scope.

And you know we don't talk bollocks don't you.
Please share this with your friends, family and other assorted wrong 'uns, or send 'em an invite if you have a moment or two to spare. fangewe.
here's a new mix from that there Lurker... enjoy :)
can you please put a link up for tickets, thanks
just in case you don't know what we are about...
Megan Lawson Bex TeRangi-Day
yabba bdabba do .

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