Pillow Talk -conversations with women at Uniqlo TATE Lates

AtBlavatnik Building @ Tate Modern
CountyLondon (GB085)

Blavatnik Building @ Tate Modern
London (GB085)
Tel 2018-02-23
Categoria Events

Join SLWA & the WAL at the next Uniqlo Tate Late – we’ll be on Level 2 in the Blavatnik Building Pillow Talk is a collection of women artists that captures stories giving a visual dialogue on women’s histories, experiences and psyches. Sixty hand painted, printed, appliqued and sewn pillows explore diverse themes ranging from love, memory and loss, to science and the environment, to politics and war. The pillows are laid out on the floor in the shape of the female symbol and visitors are offered a place to sit, read and have conversations. At its heart, sits a mobile library full of publications, catalogues, magazines and ephemera about women artists, echoing the themes of the pillows and selected by the Women’s Art Library - women being inspired by women. Paying homage to the centenary of women getting the vote in February 1918, Pillow Talk contributes to a collective multi-layered memory of women’s art history and the achievements of contemporary women artists.

Artwork pillows made by Helen Adie, Gillian Best-Powell, Andrea Blair, Juliet Blake, Kate Bowe, Jackie Brown, Lisa Brown, Melissa Budasz, Joan Byrne, Ilinca Cantacuzino, Francesca Centioni-Dene, Bula Chakravarty-Agbo BEM, Liz Charsley-Jory, Claudia Iuliana Ciofu, Anna Cocciadiferro, Pat Cove, Leonie Cronin, Karin Dahlbacka, Liz Dalton, Claire Dorey, Gill Dove, Robina Doxi, Yolanta Gawlik, Chantal Gillingham, Pia Goddard, Mary Gordon Smith, Julia de Greff, Hayley Hare, Jane Higginbottom, Margaret Higginson, Catherine Hollens, Moira Jarvis, Pat Keay, Joan Kendall, Valerie Lambert, Christine Landreth, Linda Litchfield, Wenchi Lucas, Yoke Matze, Jennie Merrell, Paola Minekov, Carol Misch, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Emerald Mosley, Karen Piddington, Marnie Pitts, Jasmine Pradissitto, Zoe Powell, Izzi Ramsay, Vivienne Richards, Daisy Shayler, Lucy Soni, Selena Steele, Chrissy Thirlaway, Kim Thornton, Louise Townsend, Eithne Twomey, Caroline Underwood, Kim Winter. Mobile library books, catalogues and ephemera selected by Althea Greenan, Curator of the Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths University of Goldsmiths London. #pillowtalk #uniqlotatelates #tatelates #100vote #SLWArtists @SLWArtists (Twitter) @PillowTalkSLWA (Instagram)


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