Peaceful Protest at Jamie's Italian Bristol

Address87-89 Park Street
AtJamie's Italian Bristol
CountyBristol (GB017)

87-89 Park Street
Jamie's Italian Bristol
Bristol (GB017)
Tel 2017-09-15
Categoria Events

WE will be gatheringutside Jamie's Italian Restaurant on Park St 7pm for a peaceful protest. There we will speak about the misinformation in a recent article in the Mail online where Jamie complained about Bristol Animal Save who held a peaceful protest on Mothers' Day to challenge Jamie's assertion that there is such a thing as Happy Milk from Happy Cows. It is not right that Jamie implies that Bristol Animal Save showed pictures of slaughtered animals to children as this was not the case. In fact, we had a pantomime cow and leaflets about the dairy industry. That would be the same dairy industry that recently lost their case when a court ruling agreed the dairy industry can be legally described inhumane. If the dairy industry can be described as inhumane how can milk be "Happy"? Vote with your feet and join us on a peaceful protest against Jamie's claim that Happy Milk comes from Happy Cows when the animals exploited by the dairy industry do not have happy lives or deaths.

I work at The Vegan Society and we've had a request for an interview about this. Lots of people were very much against this type of activism and many meat-eaters are put off becoming vegan because of invasive protests like this. What do you guys think about doing it in a more neutral place next time, such as on a public pavement on a high street, and without megaphones? The Earthlings Experience demos receive great feedback from people :)
my suggestion would be to wear smart clothes.suits etc as he says every vegan is scuffy...I like to be smart when doing activism such as earthlings experience etc.
Too far for me sadly but I would appreciate someone giving Jamie a strong “fuck off” from me, thank you
Don't know if I can go yet. But you have my full support against him. Hate Oliver. Love animals <3

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