Oye Santana at Trading Boundaries

AddressTrading boundaries, Sheffield Green
AtTrading Boundaries LIVE
CountyEast Sussex (GB050)
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Trading boundaries, Sheffield Green
Trading Boundaries LIVE
East Sussex (GB050)
Tel 2018-06-09
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Oye Santana are back. What makes Oye Santana so good? First of all the music. There’s a treasury of more than four decades of Santana catalogue to draw on, and every number in our set is a gem in its own right. Then there’s the musicianship. Check out the credentials of Milan 'Carlos' Webb; of Gez Kahan and Hector Gomez; the astonishing breadth of abilities that Paul Murphy, Pete Lockwood and Jon Quirk bring to our on-stage set-up. This really is a feast of musical talent. Next there’s the authenticity. We could go off on self-indulgent flights of fancy, but we don’t. We painstakingly recreate the original Santana arrangements of the big hits that you know and love to bring you the true Santana sound. But playing the right notes is only a start. There's much more to being the Best Santana Tribute in the World… There’s the passion.

Carlos Santana’s guitar playing is instantly recognizable not just because of his tone or his trademark licks, but because of the emotion he puts into every note he plays. Oye Santana has that covered. And there’s the good-time feel. Every track is a fiesta – come and dance, come and party. We’ve got that covered too. And every Oye Santana performance is a show, a visual feast of lights and action that will have you singing along, smiling along and dancing along from the first chink of a tambourine to the explosive finale. You’re going to love Oye Santana. Santana’s legacy is in the best possible hands. "The best tribute band I've seen" - Hilary Howard, co-manager, The Railway Venue, Bolton “ Santana and his eponymous band have been blending Mexican passion with rock energy since the 1960s: Oye Santana capture that heady blend with uncanny feeling. Yes, they faultlessly reproduced the music; they are accomplished musicians in their own rights. But more than that, they conjured up the atmosphere, the sheer hedonistic abandon to rhythm that lifts Santana from music to passionate maelstrom. This was no pale 'photo copy' of another band …they build a stunning performance.” – John Hancock, St Ives Times & Echo

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