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AtManchester, United Kingdom
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Manchester, United Kingdom
Manchester (GB088)
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Folks, I will be organising an original Jeet Kune Do & Combatives full day workshop on Sunday 27th of August. It will probably be held in the Burnage or Levenshulme area of Manchester but I haven't booked the venue yet, I will first wait to see who is up for it. Let me know and book your space now if you are interested so I can book the venue. There will be a £30 admission fee which you can pay now or £40 at the door on the day. For more info, contact me on 07555486603 or send me an email at [email protected] The program for the day will be as such: Original Jeet Kune Do (From 10am until 1pm) - JKD stance - Mobility system (JKD Footwork) - Attacking the eyes (Bring eye protection if you want to see - A pair of ski goggles is the best and cheapest thing if you ask me) - Attacking the groin (Bring a cup or a groin protector if you want to still be able to have kids) Also bring something to eat with you as we will have a short lunch break before we start with Combatives.

Street Combatives (From 1:30pm until 5PM) - SITUATIONAL AWARENESS .Good Observation Skills .Understanding of Peripheral Field of Vision .Pre Threat Clue Recognition .Awareness Color Code .Body Language .Avoid & Escape - DE-ESCALATION & SOFT SKILLS .Good Communication Skills .Applied Psychology .The Art of Agreeing - PRE CONFRONTATION .Understanding of Adrenal Stress .Personal Space Management .Posture & Foot Positioning .Fence Application .Game Plan -UK Law - UNAVOIDABLE PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION .Combative Mindset .Preemption if Possible .Target acquisition .Target Attachment .Continuous Assault with Forward Pressure .Looking Around for Further Threat .Extraction or Escape - POST CONFRONTATION .Return to a Calm and Alert State We will wrap up at 5pm. Ok folks, all is said here, don't hesitate to contact me via mobile or email for more info. All the best Peace J.M (UCS)

Here are some clips for those that are not familiar with Jeet Kune Do and Combatives, enjoy.
''Knowing is not enough, we must apply... Willing is not enough, we must do.'' (Bruce Lee)

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