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Address1 Barton Street
AtMolloy's Pub Bath
CountySomerset (GB125)

1 Barton Street
Molloy's Pub Bath
Somerset (GB125)
Tel 2017-10-13
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Official Noctem Records launch party ▲ Techno session ▲ Special Guest: // GEAR - Portugal (First time in UK) - - - Speaking of GEAR means speaking of innovation and wiIIpower. Owner of a feeling with an uncertain path, wherever he goes nobody is left indifferent. His music, his attitude and his simplicity made him be an artist, which is worth to believe in. The first steps are always hard and GEAR managed to execute them in a way that already characterizes him as a complete and respected artist. From production to DJing, he always aims to know more and make better. Without big preferences in style, embracing the 4/4 of house and techno, he prefers to leave the game open by inviting the public to listen. Performing in Lisbon’s finest clubs such as Europa Sunrise, MusicBox, Ministerium, LX Factory, Refresh FestivaI, also at Copenhagen's KB18 and parties from Neopop, Fuse Records, LXMusic, Frenzy, Flow Records, performing alongside artists such as Adam Beyer, Sam Paganini, Dj Vibe, Pig&Dan, Victor Calderone, Carlo Lio, Paco Osuna, Archie Hamilton, Brett Johnson, Chris Carrier, Barac, Sven Tasnadi and many more.

// Milad (UK) - Though still a newcomer to the scene, Iranian born DJ & Producer Milad is set to take the genre by storm. Coming to the UK at the age of 12, he was quickly Introduced to a world of electronic music. Initially inspired by the progressive and electro sides of House music, it was the “Deep House” boom around 2010 that saw him explore the other sides of House and electronic music. After stumbling across Techno music, he found an instant connection. Wanting to explore the genre in greater depth, he soon became inspired by artists such as Ben Klock, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and Rødhåd. Since 2015, he has been DJing around the country, offering audiences sets of gloriously glitchy, loopy and groovy Techno. More recently he has been exploring his Iranian heritage through the melodic and ethnic sides of the genre. 2017 has seen him experimenting with combining DJing with drum machines and Ableton in to the mix. Constantly exploring the genre, you can be sure that no two Milad sets are ever the same. // Señor Moreno (Spain) - It’s difficult to summarize such an extensive career as that of Señor Moreno but if you are into intricate beats and colorful harmonies then you’ve come to the right place. Growing up in the 80’s, Señor Moreno was exposed to the best names in Hip Hop, taking inspiration from every corner. As a professional percussionist since 2000, his love for cuban rhythms, jazz, funk and other world beats informs everything he does as a DJ. If you’ve never seen Señor Moreno before then you’re in for a treat, his music presents a varied palette of infectious, hypnotic grooves blending diferent cultures and origins , leaving on the edge , wanting more. ▲ Login : Free Party ▲ Spot : The Canon Bath ▲ More surprises upcoming... ▲ Supported by : - Noctem Records - The Canon Bath

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Señor Moreno

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