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AddressCastle Beach
AtThe Falmouth Hotel
CountyCornwall (GB033)
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Castle Beach
The Falmouth Hotel
Cornwall (GB033)
Tel 2017-10-28
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This day is designed for you to experience how neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can help you get the results you want in your personal and professional life. What is NLP, how can you use it, and what are the benefits to you? We want you to test it out in a practical way so bring along a problem or a difficult relationship to work on. There is always a shift. You will learn how to: Solve your problems The way you use your brain to think through a problem directly affects the quality of your experience and the options available to you. The solution lies in the orientation of the questions you ask of yourself. Shift difficult relationships Some people have a direct and adverse influence on the quality of your experience and how you relate to them. But your responses do not have to remain in an unproductive loop.

You can change your response at an unconscious level without even talking to them in person – no need to clear things up. The answer lies in your physical perceptual mechanism. Develop a resourceful state Interviews, first dates, presentations and speaking engagements can make people nervous. Find out how to install a personal resource state designed for your specific occasion. Awaken new pathways in your brain If you use the same brain pathways every day it’s possible your thinking can get a bit fixed. Your body gets used to the same procedures without realising how this reduces the options open to you. Now, if it’s a winning strategy then why change it? But if it isn’t, how can you make a difference to the situation? To answer this question we introduce you to how you design realities inside your brain, how you use your sensory strategies and the power of your language. Take-a-Way You get a certification from ZPS8 for the day and a 25 page manual of instructions. Who is Elizabeth? In 1984 Elizabeth was introduced to NLP in a commercial setting. At the time she was a founder member of a successful start-up business - outsourcing contact centre solutions. This business is now a global brand owned by Dimension Data. Elizabeth has 6250 hours personal and professional development; achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in American and English Literature and a post graduate certificate in education – PGCE. She is an English teacher by first profession. Elizabeth has over 30 years’ practical and theoretical experience in NLP and has trained with founders Bandler and Grinder. Price £97.00

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