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This training course will provide you with all the required skills to gain your Nights Away Permit. It is a weekend course and all food will be provided. Please arrive in uniform. A tent and overnight kit is required to complete module 38. Module 16 – Saturday 9:00am – 12:30pm Module 38 – Saturday 12:30pm – Sunday 4:30pm Module 38 – All leaders will be camping outdoors unless you have special requirements to sleep indoors. Please inform us as soon as possible so we can book the indoor accommodation in Hush Inn. It is important you bring with you the following: notebook, pens, etc. soft shoes for indoor use, shoes, waterproof coat etc activity clothes wash kit; plates, mug, knife, fork & spoon etc, tea towel, sleeping bag and a tent Please note that uniform should be worn when arriving and leaving.

Should you have any problems e.g. dietary, medical, or special needs please list it on the registration form or send them too [email protected] You must attend the whole of each course in order to qualify for the certificates. This course costs £10 which covers training materials and food. You can either pay online or pay at the event. If you would like to pay at the event please click other payment options when registering. The Nights Away Permit Scheme promotes quality residential and camping experiences. It shows that all those leading nights away events for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to take young people away safely. It is designed so that it can be tailored to be as flexible as possible, while at the same time providing a robust checking process for leaders of nights away events. The permit should be seen as an enabling device to show a person’s competence and provide reassurance to parents of the young people, while at the same time encouraging adults to acquire and improve the skills required to provide residential experiences. What Is The Permit Scheme? Everyone who leads a nights away event for young people within Scouting is required to hold a Nights Away Permit for the type of event they are running. Although managed locally, the Nights Away Permit Scheme is a national scheme, so once gained, a permit will allow you to run a nights away event in any District or County. What Is Assessed? There are four areas assessed to gain a permit: 1 Technical Competence – This is assessed by the Nights Away Adviser and looks at the eight core skill areas required to run a nights away event. It is usually assessed through a practical assessment of running an event. 2 Scout Association Rules – This can be assessed by either a Nights Away Adviser or the responsible Commissioner. It looks at whether the Applicant is aware of the Rules and guidance for running nights away events within Scouting. 3 Child Protection – This will be carried out by the responsible Commissioner and ensures that the necessary Personal Enquiry checks have been carried out and the appropriate child protection training has taken place. 4 Personal Suitability – This is carried out by the responsible Commissioner, often in conjunction with a Group Scout Leader or similar, to check the Applicant is suitable (in terms of attitude) to be leading nights away events for young people.

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