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A warm invitation to join us for a monthly gathering as we deepen our connection to ourselves, each other and the sacred. A space to feel the nourishment and support we as women can offer each other as we share and dance together. In March we will gather on Mother’s Day. We will move with the arc of time - past, present and future - connecting to where we have come from, exploring how this mother/nurture energy reveals itself in our lives in the present and then looking at the road ahead. Whether we have our own children or not, we can connect to this energy of nurture to support us growing a project, deepening our creativity and our offering to life. You are invited to bring photos of your mother and grandmothers for our altar. Movement Medicine is a dance meditation practice which directs our awareness to our movement, thoughts and feelings, supporting us to get more in touch with who we really are.

Through the freedom of the dance we have an opportunity to nourish, replenish and connect - honouring our unique and creative expression as we welcome who we are and all that we may become. An invitation to let go into the dance, within a safe and immersive environment held with captivating music and clear guidance. ABOUT MIRA Mira trained at The School of Movement Medicine and intuitively weaves from the rich tapestry of her experience as a dancer, therapist and artist. She creates a safe and sacred space for you to let go into the transformative power of the dance, deepening your connection to the creative life force within and around us. PRACTICAL INFORMATION Investment: £13 10 classes for £100/ 5 classes for £55 - valid for a year Some FREE tasters available Please BOOK YOUR SPACE at The Arc Centre offers concessions available for those on a low income/ JSA/ pensioners/ DLA/ Asylum Seekers - please email [email protected] to book your space. Sunday 11 March, 22 April, 13 May, 10 June, 15 July 6:30-8:30pm Please ARRIVE PROMPTLY Dance space opens 6:20 and the Opening circle is at 6:40pm The Arc Centre - 98B St Paul Street, Islington, London, N1 7DF Transport: 9-10min walk from Angel tube and Essex Road overland station Bring a reusable water bottle Wear loose comfortable clothes for moving We generally dance barefoot or if you need to, bring special dance shoes ***Bring something yummy to share and join us for a cup of tea after the dance (optional). A nice way to land together and share further in conversation. Please make a small contribution towards the tea. TESTIMONIALS "With Mira's gentle support I've been able to let go of and transform old and limiting beliefs I held about myself. With the freedom and creativity in the dance, I'm discovering more of my true potential and I'm evolving into a place of owning and shining my own light." - Asija "For me, the Women's Circle is a warm, safe, womb-like space that I can be completely myself in. I can honour where ever I am physically, and how ever I feel, through the dance, encouraged by Mira's grounded and supportive guidance. Mira holds this space with deep sensitivity and passion. I feel witnessed, able to connect to my womanhood, and share this precious time with other women in the dance. Thank you, Mira, for creating this beautiful circle that we, as women, can come home to." - Susan “Body exhausted, but spirit revived.. through dance, I come alive. Consciousness is playful, inquisitive, the body is moved by its own intelligence, far away from ideas of control. The music nourishes me deeply, like soil receiving heavenly mana.. so its seeds can sprout more joyfully, so it's flowers may blossom more colourfully. Dance is truly my medicine, and I feel grateful to myself that I show up to the practice, to the wonderful beings come together and to the wonderful facilitator Mira, who holds the space so graciously. ” - Bristena We look forward to welcome you in the dance. #MovementMedicinewithMira #MovementMedicine #DanceMeditation #Meditation #London #ConsciousDance #Dance #WomensCircle #Sisterhood #Connection #BodyMindHeart #TransformativePowerOfDance #FollowYourBliss #MindfulnessInMotion #PathOfHeart

We gather in ceremonial dance spaces to ask questions and to listen deeply, to connect to the river of life and to what matters most to our hearts. To gather resources and inspiration, to dance, to dream, to heal, to pray. To become conscious of what we are unconscious of. I bring back many gifts that I received from the recent Winter Dream Dance. One of them is a deepening of an ongoing enquiry around the question: "what do I give my attention to in each moment?" The mind is so used to lead and to attach to the many stories we create about ourselves, about each other and life. Challenging this can be quite a process. But then to experience even a few moments of being fully immersed in the sensation of life energy moving through the body - can be deeply liberating. Following the intelligence of the body leading - I am being moved - rather than making the movement happen. A new level of presence emerges when we connect the body, mind and heart. Perhaps one way of describing this can be Mindfulness in Motion. #MovementMedicinewithMira #MovementMedicine #DanceMeditation #Meditation #London #ConsciousDance #Dance
Dear Women. You are invited to bring a photo along to our women's circle tomorrow to be placed on the altar. A moment of recognising the life that has been passed on to you through your maternal line. If you don't have a photo, a small object is welcome too - in recognition of your mother and grandmothers... Also if you want to stay afterwards,...

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