Laughter workshop

Address64 Castle Street
AtCafé Essence
CountyCheshire (GB028)

64 Castle Street
Café Essence
Cheshire (GB028)
Tel 2017-10-22
Categoria Events

The workshops I run offer an holistic approach explaining the physiological aspects of the healing nature of our own joy-filled laughter. The 3 hour+ workshops show you ways of how to tap into your own spontaneous, healing laughter to help stimulate your endocrine system, boost your immune system, increase lung capacity and expand your own sense of well-being. Moving into the 'Play Zone' we allow our body expression to unfold, perhaps even allowing our inner child to appear, and become one with our new, deeper and opening laughter expression. This is followed by a gentle sound healing meditation, joyful call and response singing (The Happy Feet song) and closing Om circle. All of this is vibrational work. As vibrational creatures and through our deep laughter we have the ability to tap into the energy centres of our bodies (the Chakra centres) and help recalibrate and reharmonize these areas and allow the body to be in balance, in ease.

Not in dis-ease. Please yoga mat if you have one, blanket, cushion/pillow and drinking water. No previous yoga experience is necessary. £15

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