Kundalini Yoga and Tantric Numerology with Roisin Kiernan

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114 Harrogate Road
Yoga Kula
Kent (GB073)
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EMBODY YOUR POTENTIAL Uplifting yoga, life guiding information, and live mantra music. Your spirit chose to land when the cosmos aligned in a specific way – to give you specific strengths and challenges for your journey this lifetime. Through Tantric Numerology and Kundalini Yoga you can learn how to work with this ‘soul contract’, how to cultivate this life to the best of your ability. Using a simple Tantric Numerology calculation with your date of birth you’ll be given five key numbers – your Tree of Life numbers (roots, branches, seed, flower, and fruit – your soul, karma, gift, destiny, and path numbers). These numbers also correspond with Kundalini Yoga’s system of The Ten Bodies, which each have their own kriyas (yoga sets for change) and meditations to help you become more aware of and work through your strengths and challenges.

This workshop will kick start your ‘soul contract’ journey, reveal your personal Tree of Life numbers, awaken you into an embodied understanding of The Ten Bodies, and gift you transformative tools to continue. It will also feature live mantra music from talented soulstress Pariss Elektra and will end with a delicious, group connecting live music mantra meditation. Come, explore you through me and start to Embody Your Potential.

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