Khaita Tibetan Joyful Dances weekend workshop with Lena Dumcheva

AddressUnit B - 14 Collent Street
AtLekdanling - Tibetan Cultural Centre
CountyLondon (GB085)

Unit B - 14 Collent Street
Lekdanling - Tibetan Cultural Centre
London (GB085)
Tel 2017-11-24
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Khiata མཁའི་རྟ་ Joyful Dances “Kha” མཁའ་ in Tibetan means “Space” or “Sky” and “Ta” རྟ་ refers to harmony or melody, so literally, Khaita མཁའི་རྟ་ means ‘Harmony in the Space’. Khaita is a project by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche dedicated to preserving Tibetan culture and knowledge. In recent years, Rinpoche has devoted Himself to compiling songs and dances by young Tibetan artists who, with courage and devotion, celebrate the qualities and characteristics of Tibet and its' people. Khaita is also a training in mindfulness. Space is something that includes everything, positive and negative, while harmony implies that we are moving with joy. The idea behind Khaita is that movement is life, and it is good for physical health but also for the mind.

While we are dancing, we cannot think about our problems, our mind does not indulge in confusion and it can relax. Khaita aims to promote harmony within the individual and between people and their environment through dance, this powerful and joyful tool. Watch Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche explaining Khaita [] Lena Dumcheva Lena has studied under the guidance of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche since 2002. Having discovered Khaita as a perfect synergy of her devotion to Tibetan spiritual Teachings, her keen interest in Tibetan culture and her love for dance, Lena is now collaborating in various Khaita activities: workshops, performances, supporting materials and cultural studies.

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