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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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We are delighted to host our next Chairman's Lunch with James Fergusson at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. James Fergusson started out in journalism in 1989 on The Independent. He has written for many publications since, covering current affairs in Europe, North and East Africa, the Far East, the Caribbean and, especially, Central Asia and Afghanistan. James will be talking about his new book 'Al-Britannia, My Country - A Journey through Muslim Britain'. "The rise of Islam represents one of the greatest changes to the make-up of British society in modern times. Should we fear it, or embrace it? Despite living under the media microscope, Britain’s Muslims are remarkably misunderstood, both by the non-Muslim majority and by a government preoccupied with national security.

Fergusson takes a series of misconceptions about British Islam and turns them on their heads. By re-examining every tabloid trope of ‘extremism’, from hate-preachers to the supposedly hardline mosques, and from grooming gangs to the veil, he produces a portrait of their community so startlingly new that it effectively redraws the map of contemporary Britain. Al-Britannia, My Country makes the case for a reappraisal of ‘fundamental British values’, and argues passionately for a new approach towards the practitioners of a religion that, as he says, is a part of all our futures now. At a time of growing impatience with migrants, and Islamophobia burgeoning throughout the West, this book could hardly be more timely."

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