How Engaged Is Your Team ?

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Here are some UK stats that might explain why your Company isn't performing anywhere near its potential:- 14% of the workforce are highly engaged - that's to say that they do more than expected 66% of the workforce are disengaged - that's to say they do what is expected 20% of the workforce is highly disengaged - that's to say that they do less than expected. Where do you think your Company fits? Often as a Company grows, the direct line of sight to the original mission and culture has become foggy or even lost. With a lack of clear direction along with a set of guiding core values, most larger Companies become havens to those with a mentality of "ME" rather than "WE". As new people come into the organisation they often follow the majority and if that's a majority of "ME"s then that's where they stay.

As business leaders its critical to re-engage the team to give them back their purpose and make some discoveries on the way. With a re-energised and re-engaged workforce, the Company will be a high performing fun place to work which will attract the people and the customers that you want. It's never too late to challenge the culture that exists and start creating a new one if the old one isn't serving you or your Company well. Please note: This session is complimentary and whilst, at the end, you will be introduced to our services, it is a workshop designed to add value to every business attending. So That’s Not Enough to Get You There… Well there is more…. Each business attending will receive a copy of ‘The Minds of Winning Teams’; a employee engagement survey for your business and a complementary survey results session. Assuming you are ready to learn how to get more from your people, please email to [email protected] or call 01373 80134. Due to space at the venue places are limited so to avoid disappointment please reserve your place promptly.

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