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Anselm Studio 1 Here we are, in the 21st century in a world full of Mobile Phones, Social Media and Donald Trump. But for one man he lives back in the 11th century as the King of the Germans, Henry IV. How you ask? During a masquerade ball, OF COURSE. Where our King is dressed as Henry. However, to a shocking halt the ball came to as Henry IV was knocked off his horse causing a big bang to his head, this left Henry a little mad you see believing he was the true King of Germany himself for over 12 years. It’s now down to his ex-lover, her new lover and two doctors who will try their best to cure the man who thinks he is the true Henry IV of Germany and bring him back to the 21st Century.
Henry IV Canterbury Kent CCCU Music and Performing Arts friday, December 15, 2017 - Events Canterbury -

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