Haram (NY) plus Guilt Police and Drore + more TBC

Address182 Cowley Road
AtThe Library
CountyStaffordshire (GB129)

182 Cowley Road
The Library
Staffordshire (GB129)
Tel 2017-11-09
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Like, whoa... You don’t want to miss this. HARAM (New York) GUILT POLICE (Oxford) DRORE (Oxford) + more TBC 8pm Thurs 9th November 2017 The Library Pub 182 Cowley Road OX4 1UE £donations welcome === HARAM (New York) The Toxic State family of bands from Nuke York are producing some of the most exciting punk bands on the planet at the moment, and within this gang stands one of the most culturally relevant today – Haram. Fronted by an Arab American with vocals entirely in Arabic, this is urgent, intense hardcore punk – proud, defiant, uncompromising. With a killer demo and 7” under their belt, they are also about to drop their debut LP, hopefully in time for this tour. Listen here: Watch short documentary here: Read here: “ARABIC, SONICALLY, AS A LANGUAGE, IS HARSH AND INTIMIDATING, AND I INTENDED TO EXPRESS IT AS BEAUTIFUL AS IT IS TO ME.

I WANTED TO BEND THE LANGUAGE TO MY WILL AND WORK IT BACK INTO MY IDENTITY. TO AN ENGLISH LISTENER, MY SHOUTING IS INTENDED TO SERVE AS A CULTURE SHOCK. A CULTURE THAT HAS BEEN DESTROYED AND DEMONIZED IS THROWN IN YOUR FACE… EVERYTHING ABOUT HARAM IS HARAM. THIS IS MY FIGHT. AND I AM A PROUD HARAMI — STOP ME IF YOU CAN.” – Nader (Haram vocalist). “Growing up Middle Eastern in the hardcore punk scene is a very trying social experience. We've never had a foothold for representation the way other minorities have over the years. More distressingly, Middle Easterners have never really found a place within the hardcore punk and metal communities to embrace their heritage. Unfortunately, in a post-9/11 status quo, Middle Easterners have often found themselves hiding their ethnic background in the hopes of not being targeted for abuse and persecution. A friend of mine once remarked that “being Middle Eastern in the punk scene is a lonely existence. This past year, a new outfit from New York City called Haram came along and, for the very first time, a punk band was fronted by a Middle Eastern Muslim who sings exclusively in Arabic. Being a band with this distinction has not shielded them from the same persecution that often accompanies a Middle Easterner flying their flag too high... When we look back in 10, 15 years, we'll be talking about them… I feel almost like how Los Crudos has held on for 20, 30 years for the Latino community or The Dicks and Big Boys in Texas for LGBT, we'll be talking about that for Haram, because there wasn't one before. There is no reference point; it's just them." - James Khubiar (CLRVYNT magazine) Plus support from locals: GUILT POLICE Fresh from a Euro tour and in the process of laying down some new tracks, Oxford’s GP lay down heavy, fast hardcore punk, twisting from d-beat to noise to 80’s US hardcore like all ur fave noise on Prank Records or whatever. DRORE Uncompromising sludge/punk/noise featuring members of Undersmile and Crippled Black Phoenix, with two ridiculously good tapes under their belt… Like some warped collision of Grief and Flipper and Pissed Jeans. + more TBC Event photo credit: Angela Owens ( / )

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