Goddesses on the Go - Workshop for busy women

Address181 Pitt Street
AtNovotel Glasgow Centre
CountyGlasgow (GB057)

181 Pitt Street
Novotel Glasgow Centre
Glasgow (GB057)
Tel 2017-10-18
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Lilia Sinclair, creator of The Goddess Gathering - Women Collaborating is a healer and emotional release coach and is passionate about helping women find peace and harmony in todays changing roles and times. For the last 25 years, she has obsessively researched on a daily basis every technique, concept, and theology on being happy and healthy. From breathing differently, changing your perceptions, using ancient and cutting-edge techniques, she has been inspiring women across Canada, Malta and the UK with this 2-hour seminar. Moving from Victim to Mistress of your emotions is one of the most powerful things you can do for your health and happiness and that of your family and friends. Ticket link Do you struggle with time? Do you have periods of stress and anxiety? Do you long for peace? Are you super busy and need to slow your mind down? Are you juggling being a mum, partner, career and friend? Then this workshop is for you.

Learn quick simple techniques to release the steam that is your emotional response. Simple ways to breathe that will fill you with oxygen and peace. How to perceive time in a whole new way. How to bring more joy and peace into your life now. How to leave the past where it is and stay out a perceived future. The Sedona Method, Access consciousness, EFT, The Work, the Turnarounds, Affirmations, thoughts, feelings, change, get it all working for your higher good. Go home armed with transformational techniques to set you free. Ticket link

Good Morning and a happy new week to all. What are we going to choose this week in terms of our thoughts and feelings? Did you know that most of us are living through the past? Did you know we can change our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs and therefore our health, wealth, and happiness? If your relationship with time is causing you stress, then come along, bring a friend so that you can practise with her.
When we get stressed we release chemicals into the bloodstream, our hormone levels change and the body gets ready for action. This is called the fight or flight. But usually, we are stuck inside or at a desk or in our minds "trying to figure everything out". Learn how to dissolve these chemicals and release the happy ones, fast. Change your chemistry, your thoughts, your feelings, your perceptions, fast.
Womens and mens roles have changed dramatically and we are adjusting to our own and others expectations of how we should behave, look, be etc. We have a lot on our minds, this changes our chemistry and if we do not understand how to change it back it can and will exhaust us. Our perceptions drive our World.
We are living in very busy and often stressful times. But we are now understanding that we can change our perceptions, our words, our thoughts, our beliefs and our feelings towards the World. This is a hugely exciting time for humans. Learn powerful, transformational tools to help you choose peace and joy.
We have inner powers...

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