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The Moot Hall was used for judicial purposes. but Leeds went through a period of rapid growth in the first half of the 19th century and by the mid-19th century it became apparent that the court house was no longer large enough for the functions it performed. In July 1850, Leeds Borough Council decided to build a new town hall and established a committee to assess the opinions of Leeds' inhabitants as to the building of a new municipal hall. The Town Hall was built between 1853 and 1858 by architect Cuthbert Brodrick. The town hall provided accommodation for municipal departments, a courtroom, police station or 'central charge office', and a venue for concerts and civic events. It still has a role as a council office, although many departments have been relocated. During the war the town hall housed an ARP in the basement and from 1942 a British Resaurant which proved popular after the war, being refurbished in 1960 before closing in 1966.

But on 14 and 15 March 1941, Leeds was bombed hitting the east side of the town hall causing significant damage to its roof and walls on Calverley Street, but this was swiftly repaired. Leeds Town Hall is actually documented as one of the most haunted locations in Leeds and more so in its Bridewell Cells. They are still there today and part of our investigation, situated in the basement of the town hall they remain remarkably intact with the old wooden doors and benches and toilets. One of its most notorious prisoners was Charlie Peace and it is said his spirit is one of the most frequented at this location. Charlie was a burglar and a murderer who was tried for the latter at the courthouse, after being sentenced to death, he was kept imprisoned at the bridewell cells as he awaited his execution at Armley Prison. The Town Hall is also said to be occupied by the deranged spirits of several local Victorian politicians. Tickets priced at £49pp

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