Free Talk: Why Your Children Push Your Buttons

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Do you know that moment? The one where your child refuses to get dressed, the banshee screams, the wilfulness. “I will NOT clean my teeth, you can’t make me. ” When your youngster reaches over and pinches his little sister or maybe your child hits you one too many times. The moment the cork pops and you find yourself losing it; when the profanities and threats spring from your mouth before you can catch them. That moment when you become your mother (or your father). That moment, the moment you promised yourself would never happen. The good new is… there is a way to catch the reigns of your thoughts and feelings before you go to this volatile place. Join Instructor Miranda Fairhall to learn why our kids manage to get under our skin, Miranda will introduce you to a wonderful tool from Hand in Hand Parenting that she knows from experience works, it can lessen your re-activeness, bring relief and improve you relationship with your children When: Tuesday 27th February Where: A short walk from Kings Cross Station Time: 7.30pm to 9pm To reserve your place: email [email protected]

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