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Address25 Rodney Street, edinburgh
AtSacred Heart Centre
CountyEdinburgh (GB051)
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25 Rodney Street, edinburgh
Sacred Heart Centre
Edinburgh (GB051)
Tel 2017-10-14
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Moving through dance and free expression of the physical body is one of the most liberating experiences a human being can have. During our 2 hour ecstatic dance journey we will come together in a community spirit in a beautiful space to move our bodies and feel the bliss of connection to the music moving through us. You are invited to come in and drop everything you have been carrying with you. First you will be guided in some gentle instruction to ground and drop you in to your space and body. Setting the boundaries and helping you to feel comfortable so you can really move. As the minutes pass we will effortlessly dance and move to the rhythm of the music and our own internal heart beat culminating in an effortlessly blissful ecstatic experience. Come along if you are ready to be liberated.

To shift the energy in your body and therefore your life and to let the movement be your medicine. We look forward to inviting you to join us. Class price is £10 (£8 concessions) ~ Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move and stretch in freely. ~ NO perfumes or essential oils to be worn to avoid allergic reactions. ~ For now this is an adult only event, (may change in future). ~ Please arrive on time so we can start altogether. See you on the dance floor.

Hello Beautiful beings. We are bringing the magic of ecstatic movement to The Sacred Heart Centre (formerly Union Yoga) at 7pm next Saturday. Having lived in Ubud, Bali for 8 months this year I immersed myself in the energy of this practice. Moving more freely through life and relating as a result. This is a space for you to get free and get wild. To enjoy the bliss of fully being in your own body. We will ground in and out, some short instruction will be given to set the tone and then we go in to our own processes. The aim - Liberation. Freedom. Joy. Bliss and all Good things. Come as you are, heart open and ready to have the time of your life. Glitter is welcome but please refrain from wearing any perfumes of essential oils as these can be overpowering. Class price is £10 (£8 concession rate) I can't wait to join you on the dance floor of life. Love<3 P.S. We are hoping to collaborate with some conscious DJ's at a certain date... please message me if you feel the call to participate.
I am SO ready to dance with you all this Saturday. To be moved and opened and expanded by our collective and individual flow. The music will be good, the vibe mystical and potent and we will start something for sure.... So-ul wanting this now. Lets liberate ourselves. Most of my 8 month journey of discovery in Bali was spent dancing. It was the main form of communication between most people in the community there. I had the opportunity to dance...

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