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AddressUnit G , Pengam Road
AtFluidity Freerun Academy
CountyCardiff (GB025)

Unit G , Pengam Road
Fluidity Freerun Academy
Cardiff (GB025)
Tel 2018-04-28
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Hello, hello, one and all, and welcome to the next installment of DIGIDOL. After a little hiatus of trying to find the perfect venue, I feel I can safely say that it is achieved. Prepare for a journey through Drum and Bass from start to finish, starting with a nice little bit of liquid, then progressing all the way through to our final act, who will not be playing liquid I can assure you haha. . The venue is a good friend of mine's, and his associates free running (parkour) centre that they all run together. It is a wicked venue for a good ole party, but if free running is the sort of thing you are into, then you should go check it out, they have all put a lot of work into it, and it is sick in there. Before I get started, I just want to give a few shout outs, such as to my good friend Lauren for an amazing bit of design work yet again, to the guys again at Fluidity Freerun for use of their sick warehouse, who also do a few of their own parties in there under the name of Frontal Lobe, so you should check them out definitely. Also, to my good mate Steve who will be supplying us with an absolute beast of a rig for it (going to go for the 8 bins jobby haha), and also to Robyn Chaos at Anger Management UK for being such a cool person to deal with in the process of booking Audio. So without further ado, let us have a look at this little journey DIGIDOL has got planned for you: AUDIO (RAM RECORDS, VIRUS RECORDS) A man who doesn't really need any introduction to fans of Drum and Bass, Audio has been smashing the scene to bits for a fair number of years now, with both his clinically tight and twisted sets and productions. With a number of releases, both full length, and Single, for a variety of labels such as Tech Freak Recordings, Virus, and now most recently RAM, the man definitely knows his stuff. I am so very pleased/honoured to have him down here as pretty much every time I see him, whether it be at a festival, or a gig he is booked for, his is always set of the night/weekend for me. FORTITUDE (THERAPY SESSIONS) Ending our night for us is a very sound guy who I remember playing a gig with years ago in a little village pub in the Welsh valleys, and been mates with from then on. Since then, he has only grown from strength to strength. With an absolute multitude of releases on some of the biggest names in heavy music, such as, Therapy Sessions Recordings, Future Sickness Records, and Mindocracy. I really do hope you are ready for what this man is going to be bringing, as when I said about the journey through heaviness throughout the evening, it is only someone like our man Fortitude that you can bring in to end something like that. . CASEY JONES Going back to names that need to introduction, if you are from Cardiff, and into Drum and Bass, then you will definitely have heard the name of Casey Jones a.k.a Kooley and Undersound. After having seen them rinse it out myself, both together as Casey Jones, and individually under their respective names, I can tell you that if somehow you do not know who these two fine gentlemen are, then you are in for a treat indeed. SLAMFISH Another good friend of mine, and ANOTHER absolute badman behind the ones and twos, I am very glad to be bringing back my good friend SLAMFISH. If you were with us down at Karma Club in May, then you would have caught this mans first set for DIGIDOL. Smashing out a lot of his own productions, as well as mixing the creme he can find with absolute precision, you are not going to want to miss this. . CN$ Coming at you next, a bunch of lads from where I started my life, in Pembrokeshire. A collective of Dj's, Promoters, MC's, and Producers make them up, and they all bloody love it too. Am really lookingforward to this one, as this will be my first time seeing them play under CN$. Expect some tear out DnB, with a few bars chucked in for good measure, that will be keeping you moving from start to finish. TOM WARE Another second time round for DIGIDOL for this one. You may well recognize the name if you are a fan of the techno, as that is what TOM WARE usually is smashing out around Cardiff and beyond. He also has his own online radio show on fnoob radio for anyone interested. Not only is this his second set for us, it is only his second DnB set too, which kind of makes him a DIGIDOL DnB exclusive every time which is class. . Again, absolute badman behind the decks, and when in the studio, and also, just a flat out sound guy. . Bringing the sound for us on the night will be Section 64, who are very good friends of mine as I mentioned up top. The rig is going to be absolutely hooning all night, you are all in for a right treat. You may recognize the name from Surplus Festival, which if you haven't been too, I would 100% recommend. A mix of everything, from Punk, to Techno, to Dnb, to Psytrance, to Dub, this proper grassroots festival brings it all. . Tickets will be available from Resident Advisor next weekend (2nd Feb), just doing final bits to the poster design, and will be the following prices: £7 First Release £8 Second Release £9 Third Release £10 on the door then 18+ event, so please bring your I.D as it isn't up to me on the door who gets asked, it is always the securities call. Event times if you didn't see up top also, are 9pm - 3pm Big up yourselves, and I will see you all there. .

Hope you all have a better Friday than this woman haha. .
A naughty little number done by our end of the night spectacular that is Mr Fortitude. .
Cheeky little interview done by our end of night spectacular that is FORTITUDE. .
First gig in Cardiff in easily 7 or 8 years I think. . Can't wait.
Tickets are now online girls and guys, happy Monday to you all. .
Not related in the slightest, but happy Friday everyone hahaha. .
Absolute banger. .
Absolute banger. .
Absolute beast. .
Banger. .

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