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AtKing's College London Guy's Campus
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King's College London Guy's Campus
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The Critical Youth Work Symposium hosted by Dr. Torie Weiston-Serdan, author of Critical Mentoring: A Practical Guide, is a dedicated space for those involved in mentoring and youth work to have a trans-Atlantic dialogue about critical and culturally sustaining strategies for working with youth. Don't miss a unique opportunity to collaborate with U.S. practitioners and leaders in the mentoring and youth development field and be part of this groundbreaking conversation. In the age of political discord and racial conflict, how do we as youth workers collaborate with and support youth to help them move forward positively? The critical youth work symposium has been designed to bring mentors, educators, activists and widening participation teams together to exchange ideas about how to best serve marginalised youth today and tomorrow.

Topics of discussion at the Critical Youth Support and Mentoring Symposium will include: -Utilizing a Critical and Culturally Relevant Framework for Mentoring and Youth Development Programs -Music and Mentoring: Using Music to facilitate Intergenerational Dialogue and Youth-Adult Partnerships -Mentoring for Young Men and Boys of Colour Speakers include: -Dr. Torie Weiston-Serdan, author of Critical Mentoring A Practical Guide -Steve Vassor, Vice President of Membership for the Campaign for Black Male Achievement -Dr. Gayle Weiston-Serdan, Co-Founder of the Youth Mentoring Action Network WHO SHOULD COME? Educators, Youth Development Non-Profits, widening participation units, higher education professors, and critical activists.

Join Torie Weiston-Serdan, author of Critical Mentoring a Practical Guide for the Critical Youth Work Symposium at Kings College London. She will be talking about the concept of critical mentoring and how it can be used to inform mentoring practice with young people in the U.K..
TedTalk from the host of the Symposium. Let's talk Critical Mentoring and Critical Youth Work.

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