Core Ballet Bootcamp with optional Beginners Pointe

AddressStudio B 31 Falkirk Street
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Studio B 31 Falkirk Street
London (GB085)
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12 Week Course on Mondays at 7.30pm Monday 11th September - Monday 27th November 2017 Core Ballet Bootcamp ....with optional Pointe for Beginners Are you an adult dancer who wants to get back to fundamentals of basic ballet technique? Do you want to improve your muscle tone, flexibility, posture and balance? Are you looking for a class that will help you focus intensively on ballet basics over the summer season? Have you always wanted to dance en pointe and would love to have the right training and motivation to help you finally take the first step? Core Ballet Bootcamp will take you through an intensive workout to help you learn to fully engage all the most important muscles for ballet lines, lean legs, amazing abs and limber spines. Starting with a warmup to activate your turnout and lift your glutes, lengthen your legs and strengthen your core, this class will focus on the most important positions, posture, alignment and strength to get you on your legs and lifted out of your lumbar spine.

You will maximise your turnout and fully stretch your knees and ankles, and work the flexibility and lines in your port de bras, retire, arabesque and a la seconde positions. This general level course is open to adults with some dance experience in ballet, contemporary or any related style. After taking this course you can progress into classical or contemporary dance classes and attempt more advanced balances and movements in dance, pointe or aerial styles. Working at a slow and intense pace you will learn the anatomically correct way to achieve all the most important ballet positions and movements. Using repetition and simplicity, this course will prepare your body to instantly engage the right muscles so you feel confident when you learn new choreography sequences. In the course you will work on: - Hip mobility in parallel, 1st, and 5th positions - Core strength and how to engage your abs and glutes for the ballet "lift* - Posture in your spine and neck for confidence and a healthy back - Correct anatomical terminology - Exercises at the barre and in the centre - Long muscle tone in the legs and feet for beautiful leg lines - Overall strength and control in major positions and movements including arabesque, retire/pirouette position, attitude derriere, a la seconde and efface Learn the basic positions and progression you need to develop confidence in ballet training, even if you are out of shape, haven't trained consistently for a long time, or have never tried pointe before. Bring: Towel, water bottle, comfortable fitted layers (leggings/gym shorts/leotards/tights) you can sweat and stretch in, flat ballet shoes if available or cotton socks if not, pointe shoes if you have them. You can do the exercises on demi pointe if you just want to strengthen your legs and feet without going en pointe. If you have any pre-existing injuries, please inform the tutor before the start of class. Taught by Hack Ballet choreographer Briar Adams and dancers from the company Briar Adams is a dancer and choreographer who trained in ballet in Australia at the National Theatre, before embarking on a career as a performer in dance, opera and circus. As a late starter herself, Briar loves working with adult dancers who need a confidence boost to tackle the infinitely exciting challenges of ballet and aerial training. More information about Hack Ballet classes here

this sounds great. is there any dancing though? i literally feel like an idiot trying coz i simply cannot. very interested in the posture and stretching stuff

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