BECERA 2018: Creativity and Critical Thinking in the Early Years

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mac birmingham, Cannon Hill Park
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The British Early Childhood Education Research Association (BECERA) is an independent, self-funding organisation run by the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC), which has dedicated itself to improving services for young children and families in the UK for more than 25 years. The annual BECERA conference aims to stimulate, support, create and disseminate rigorous, grounded and conceptual knowledge and its applications to our early childhood services. The knowledge generated from each conference is made available in an online, searchable database. Aims & Objectives ➡️ BECERA is particularly interested in practitioner research and exploring paradigms and methodologies which impact directly on services. ➡️ BECERA is interested in how knowledge is constructed, who listens and who speaks and in capturing the voices of all, including parents and children.

➡️ BECERA provides a unique British forum to bring together research, practice and policy and strengthen the early childhood research community in the vital contribution it makes to British practice and policy.

Further information about the 2018 conference theme, and the call for papers, will follow shortly.

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