Axe: Skills & Best Practice Day Workshop

AddressBrickendon Lane
AtPolaris Wilderness Adventure
CountyNorth Yorkshire (GB103)
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Brickendon Lane
Polaris Wilderness Adventure
North Yorkshire (GB103)
Tel 2018-01-20
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This day workshop is a must if you are new to using an axe but it is also a great day getting you out of some of the worst habits you may have when using an axe. We will begin with techniques to safely fell a small tree, and process the tree into managable sized logs for fuel, known as limbing and sectioning, two distincly different techniques, both with their own particular risks and saftey tips to address these. You will learn safe techniques for spliting firewood from large rounds to small sticks, both with and without a block. You will be taught traditional methods for effective stacking and drying of firewood. The day will look at different types of axe available and thier uses, and give advice on how to select the right axe for your needs. You wil learn to sharpen your axe and how to maintain both the head and the helve.

In the afternoon session you will take a piece of wood you have harvested and begin an axe carving project, learning how to make a traditional scandanavian style cup or Kuska. You will learn about the properties of different woods that you will encounter, and which to use for durability, asthetics, and other properties and which to avoid, finihshing the day with a hand crafted project to take home. This especially focuses on saftey and techniques whilst using a tool so that you avoid chopping halfway through your thumb, or worse. It is an invaluable day teaching you all sorts of techniques and you will come away feeling much more confident using what can be very dangerous tools. Dates Available: Sat Jan 20th 2018 Sat Jun 23rd 2018 Sat 3rd Nov 2018

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