Arnie All-Nighter • 7 Films, 1 Ticket • Sat 28th Apr 20:45

Address7 Leicester Place
AtThe Prince Charles Cinema
CountyLondon (GB085)
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7 Leicester Place
The Prince Charles Cinema
London (GB085)
Tel 2018-04-28
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"GET TO DA CHOPPA. " The ARNIE ALL-NIGHTER finally returns and it's bigger than ever. We have 7 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classics, back-to-back, on the big screen. The Line-up for the ARNIE ALL-NIGHTER is as follows: 20:45 - Conan the Barbarian 23:10 - Predator 01:10 - Total Recall 03:15 - The Running Man 05:05 - Commando 1985 film 06:55 - The Terminator 09:00 - Terminator 2 (T2) : Judgement Day ends approx at 11:18

If only the 7th one had been Terminator 3. I went to an Arnie marathon at the PPC a few years back and it's still the best marathon I've been to. So great to see the films again but when T2 finished, I so wanted to follow on with T3. Some of those action scenes with the mobile crane etc would be great on the big screen.
Oh my god.

That’s a lot of Arnold. I’m not sure I can sit down that long... maybe if I had a duvet and pillow.
I'm looking for 1 ticket for Arnie All-Nighter • 7 Films, 1 Ticket • Sat 28th Apr 20:45 on April 28, 2018.
I've been waiting for PCC to show Conan for years ☺ Will you be doing a standalone showing soon?
MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY. Rory, Ciaran, Michael, Joe, Tyrone - "Stick around"
I have two tickets for this to sell, pm me if you would like them.
Marc Sibthorpe, you still looking for old classics to watch?
Vitor MarinhoGomes- ask and you shall receive
Will any of these films be 35mm presentations?
at last your showing Conan :-) Thank you :-)
Worth going just for Conan.
Gareth Chan-Thomas
John Jules Hudson
John Jules Hudson
Kay Czuba OMG
Hayley Ives
Edan Tal

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