27/06/2019 : Whisky Tasting

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Whisky Tasting

Whether you are a whisky enthusiast, a newcomer or just want to learn a bit more about this fascinating tipple, this tasting is for you. A two hour evening course introducing you to the world's finest spirit. Scotch whisky or the uisge beatha, the water of life, is a wonderful spirit with a charasmatic and absorbing past. The lengths and methods a distiller pursues incorporating the long-maturation periods (10, 12, 15, 18 years old etc) define whisky, especially single malt whisky, as a high and wonderful quality product. Some spirits have few flavour compounds (e.g. vodkas), others gain flavour from their distillation period (e.g. Cognacs) whilst others will gain additional flavour from maturation in oak casks. Malt Whisky gains flavour from both the distillation method and maturation producing a fabulously complex and flavoursome drink.

Truly one of a kind. But it's not a simple as that. There is detailed variation throughout regional Scotland, from the fruity and elegant Speyside, to the peaty and smoky Islay and from the delicate Lowlands to the robust and spicy Highlands. Then there's Ireland, America, Japan and Canada too. In our whisky tastings you will: learn how to taste whisky like a professional sample atotal of 6 different drams from Scotland and elsewhere such as Ireland, America or Japan taste a blended Scotch whisky, the most popular part of the industry, and learn how it's produced learn the definitions of differing alcohol strengths, e.g. 'cask strength' learn an overview on the detailed production methods and maturation types/lengths for malt whisky 

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