27/04/2019 : The Genius Bob Dylan

The Genius of Bob Dylan

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The Genius Bob Dylan

This two part course, given by Mike Fraser, will trace the career, warts and all, of Bob Dylan, one of the most charismatic and influential cultural figures today. 27th April, 2019 Part One: From Greenwich Village to Woodstock.  Mike will play some key Dylan songs to illustrate the development of his career from folk singer in Greenwich Village to the maelstrom of Rock stardom and then the retreat to family life and music -making in Woodstock. Part Two will examine his later work and the controversies surrounding this period. Whether you are a Bobcat or someone wondering what all the fuss is about, come along to join the discussion, but please don’t shout Judas. 4th May, 2019 Part Two: No Direction Home. Since his incredible burst of creativity in the sixties Dylan has created both works of genius and some works which can only be described as dire.

Mike will play the Blind Willie McTells and ignore the Wiggle Wiggles. He will also address the controversies -’Christian Bob’, ‘Plagiarist Bob’ ‘Sinatra Bob’ and of course, ‘Nobel Laureate Bob’. Are there more ‘Bobs’ to come? Mike has no idea, but he will explain why Bob ‘murders his back catalogue’ at every concert There is no need to have attended Part One to join the discussion in Part Two. If you book this course online, we will hold your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy. If you do not wish us to hold your personal data, please book by post (see www.berwickea.co.uk) and do not supply an email address.

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