26/09/2019 : The Brexit Executive War Room Banish Gloom Unzip Opportunity

The Brexit Executive War Room - banish gloom and unzip opportunity

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The Brexit Executive War Room Banish Gloom Unzip Opportunity

Do you think that Brexit uncertainty is damaging or will harm your business? Do you want to see and unzip new opportunity? What’s the value to you of a breakthrough idea and a positive thinking session? Do you feel it is time to stop tolerating uncertainty and are you ready to see and seize the opportunity that is beyond Brexit? Then the Business Beyond Brexit Executive War Room is for you. Too many business leaders are listening to gloom-purveyors and are doing little to achieve growth and move forward. Such businesses are losing energy, momentum, customers, key people and sales they are at risk in many ways. The Brexit Executive War Room is an exclusive event that has been created to bring you a dynamic and stimulating immersion into seeing and seizing the opportunity that exists now in 2019.

Led by “Brexit Opportunity Experts” Hugh Morgan-Williams and Malcolm Gallagher of Future Vision (their weekly BrexFit podcast and their BrexFit TV videos has inspired thousands over the past year), the Business Beyond Brexit Executive War Room is a “boardroom-style” event for a limited number of business owners and leaders like yourself.  Your affordable attendance cost brings you many exclusive benefits: You’ll gain from our proven Brexit Executive War Room structure which is in the 3 elements of Situation, Strategy and Action. You’ll gain from connecting, deliberating and discussing opportunities and strategies with like-minded businesses (the event is restricted in both numbers and size of businesses) You’ll gain from the War Room “package” of pre-event grounding pack and the innovative digital “Go-Kit” you will receive after the event.
This digital Go-Kit contains all you need to immediately cascade your strategy into your company. You’ll gain from our inspiring and dynamic multi-media event complete with the unique Brexit Action Video Vault. You’ll gain from knowing how to take your new Business Beyond Brexit thinking from strategy into action and make it work for you. Your Brexit War Room event starts with meeting fellow business leaders from 9am. The War Room starts at 9.30am with its 3 progressive elements of The Situation Room, followed by The Strategy Room and finally The Action Room. Each of the 3 elements is stimulating, informative and interactive. Remember you are with like-minded business leaders there to seize the “move forward” opportunities that fellow-business people Hugh and Malcolm know exist and know where to find them.
The Brexit Executive War Room is limited to 16 persons around our War Room Table so do act early if you want to bust Brexit gloom and not miss this unique opportunity. Your small investment of £139 plus VAT brings you the exceptional value of: An informative action-focused event – its about the focus on you and your business not some political or other agenda. . Meet and connect with other like-minded businesses - remembering we have excluded those businesses who have their own agenda and are not there to be a true part of the event You’ll receive, after the event, our BrexFit War Room digital “Go-Kit” action pack worth £200 which you can immediately use to communicate and create action within your business After you book we’ll send you our exclusive Brexit Executive War Room grounding pack – it will help you prepare and get the most from your event.
Book now to secure your seat at Sunderland and let us welcome you to the Brexit War Room Other dates and venues to be announced. If you have any questions about the event or to discuss if it is right for you then please email The Brexit War Room event director, Kim Gallagher [email protected] The Brexit Executive War Room is presented by Future Vision and hosted by BizVision Ltd at www.bizvision.co.uk/brexit-war-room

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