25/10/2019 : Present Like You Know You Can

Present like you know you can

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Present Like You Know You Can

As you leave the stage you want people to remember your presentation, believe in your ideas and have found you compelling. These things happen when you have the confidence to share your ideas, your stories and express yourself in your own voice. Most of us hate presenting. Some of us love it. Even those that look like extroverts on stage are often really introverts. This stuff can be learnt. This workshop teaches you how to present like you know you can. Who'd have thought that presentation skills would be one the central business tools ever? Presentations skills really matter as they are the key to spreading great ideas. Ideas change things and that's why they are the most valuable of currencies. This workshop takes all my learning from presenting around the world over the last 20 years, being one of the comperes at the brilliant Do Lectures over the last 7 years, and hosting events and conferences over the last 25 years, and it condenses it into a one day workshop on how to develop an authentic and compelling presentation style.

What this isn't about. This isn't about the number of word you use per slide, or the number of slides per 10 minutes, or about adopting a character and becoming that. This isn't about copying the best; it's about finding your best. What this is about. This is about finding the real you. This is about reconnecting with the sparky, lively, enthusiastic person you really are and bring that person to the stage. This is about building ideas that take all the oxyden out of the room, that make your hairs on your arm stand-up. This is about using stories - your stories - to build presentations that change things. This is about finding your voice. It maybe that someone stole it, or muffled it, or ignored it. It might be that that someone was you. We will find it again.
What you will learn You will learn what makes a great presentation and you will learn what makes a dreadful presentation. You will learn that you have a true voice and you will learn how to find it. You will learn how to prepare so that you won't forget. You will learn how to relax, even enjoy the spotlight. You will learn what is holding you back on stage and how to deal with it. You will learn how to build ideas and give them velcro so that they stick to people. You will learn how to build a presentation with stories. You will learn that pauses are - good. You will learn how to use media, music and video to make your points faster and better. You will learn how to get out of your way. You will learn how to breathe. You will learn a simple meditation technique to reduce nerves (nerves are not all bad - you will learn that too).
You will learn about fonts and slides, confidence and no-slides. You will learn how to be you, you're very good at that. Where is the workshop? House of Togetherness, a beautiful space in Covent Garden. It is the home of human connection.  You will get tea, coffee and lunch. Limited to 20 places. Workshop leader Mark Shayler is one of Britain's most charismatic speakers (not his words). He is sought after as a speaker because he thinks on his feet, enagaging and inspiring audiences all over the world. When he isn't on stage he is a leading change consultant for companies. Cost £350 inc VAT

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