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Fan Dance HUNTED

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Fan Dance Hunted

Fan Dance HUNTED  This is a 24km route march in the Brecon Beacons which is infamous within the ranks of all UKSF soldiers. It is now over 50 years old and still today forms the first major hurdle on Selection and is a major indicator of whether a potential UKSF soldier has the physical and mental determination to complete it within the cut off time set by the D.S (Directing Staff). The route starts and finishes at The Storey Arms Outdoor Education Centre and ascends Pen y Fan which is 2,907 feet (886 m…). The turn round point is at Torpantau where candidates will have to quickly turn around then return using the same route back up and over Pen y Fan via a very steep path known as Jacobs Ladder. The Fan Dance with a twist Sound familiar? Well now we are introducing a little more adrenaline into the event by way of a DS Hunter team.

You will be given a head start of 15 minutes before the pack of 'Wolves' (DS) will be released and on your tail. If they catch you your arm band will be removed signifying, you have been caught.  For all those who make it to the finish ahead of the pack you will be awarded the Fan Dance Hunted Survivor medal. If you are caught up with and your arm band removed, then don't stress. You can still continue on route to the end and be awarded with a Hunted Finisher's medal.  If you are caught by a wolf and your armband is taken, you're now given the opportunity to catch the wolf up to retake your armband. Of course, it doesn't stop there as these wolves are hungry. It is possible that the Wolf may catch you up once more, so speed is of the essence to evade capture.  Categories As per the Original Fan Dance.
Clean Fatigue, Loadbearing 35lbs, Master's Clean Fatigue (over 50) and Master's Loadbearing (25lbs) You can only be captured by 'Wolves' within the same category as yourselves. For example, only a Loadbearing (35lbs) Wolf can remove the arm band of a Loadbearing (35lbs) runner.  Awards Every Finisher who is caught by the wolves but still completes the route will be awarded the HUNTED FINISHER medal and certificate. For those robust and fit enough to evade capture and finish the route will be awarded the Fan Dance Hunted SURVIVOR medal and certificate. There will be TSFE awards for winners of all categories. Every registrant will receive complimentary half way snacks and Hot food / drinks at the finish. You will also be given access to our exclusive Members RV group where you can download, tag and share your memories of the day in the form of high resolution images giving you fantastic memories of your day to keep forever.  Fan Dance Hunted Brought to you by the hosts of the Original Fan Dance The S.F.
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