25/04/2019 : Ki Aikido Beginners

2019 Ki Aikido beginners course

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Ki Aikido Beginners

For a quick intro to aikido, see our video: Learn to win without fighting - aikido gives you some simple principles to become more calm, relaxed, and positive, using the power the mind to overcome tension and muscle power.  We start with a small challenge, and gradually increase the level until relaxation and calm are your normal state even in the most stressful situations. Because it’s not about fighting Aikido works in many situations and has benefits across your life and interactions with other people . . .  it’s also good fun to practice. In this six week course, you will learn the basic principles of Ki Aikido, and a range of aikido exercises. This will include: Ki development exercises principles of mind and body co-ordination unbendable arm unraisable body Kokyonage Shihonage Ikyo Nikkyo Kotageshi You do not need to do a beginners course - you are welcome to join at any time, however there are certain advantages to starting with this course, including: starting at the same time as other people and being able to practice together at the same level introductory classses designed specifically for you a discounted rate on classes, which absorbs your annual membership and insurance For more details and contact info, see: or see the videos on our Facebook page: or Youtube channel 

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