24/03/2019 : Ladies Live Musical Gong Sound Bath Meditation

Ladies' Live Musical Gong Sound bath & Meditation

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Ladies Live Musical Gong Sound Bath Meditation

This journey of life is unpredictable. At one moment you can have it all, and then on the other you can face difficult challenges that change your whole life. Since ancient times Gong Sound baths and Meditation were used as positive transformation tools to help achieve optimum mind, body and soul. Fortunately, for us Gong Sound baths are back in fashion and the benefits are huge. "Gong baths are the new yoga." Elle Magazine Gong Sound baths are so easy. No exercise. and consists of literally, just laying down, or sitting still, whilst the Sound Therapist uses an array of therapeutic instruments to create powerful sound frequencies to enter the body. Such as, gongs, natural quartz and Tibetan bowls and harp.  This process cleanses the body's energy field and releases what no longer serves the body to help achieve improved optimisation.  Regulars have found improved positive mind-set, hope, inner strength, joy, pro-longed sense of inner peace, reduction in stress, improved sleeping patterns, change in consciousness, greater clarity of the mind, pain reduction, cleansing and ending of challenging situations.

Meanwhile, guided meditation which has also similar benefits as gong sound baths.  Here the mind is guided into a very relaxed state via focused concentration and gentle breathing exercises. Led by a Sound Therapist and Holistic Therapist Wear comfortable clothing, bring along your yoga mat, bottle of water, sleeping bag, or blanket so that you are as comfortable as possible. All welcome except for pregnant ladies in their first trimester, individuals with heart, brain devices, or epilepsy. If you require any further information about medical conditions please contact Yvonne on 07735332302. 1.     Gong Sound bath 2.     Refreshments 3.     Guided Meditation & practical therapeutic tools “I feel calm, refreshed and rid of negative emotions...” Civil Service, Sutton Coldfield "A warm and relaxing atmosphere."  Retail, Birmingham Cost £15.00        Early Bird £10.00 ends 18 March 2019 Regrettably, this is ladies only, and unsuitable for under eighteen years old.
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