23/05/2019 : Harnessing Power Immunology Discourse

Harnessing the power of immunology (Discourse)

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Harnessing Power Immunology Discourse

Our immune system has evolved to deal with a host of challenges, yet the microbes that can infect us have also developed ways to evade and manipulate host immunity. As we learn more about the complex interplay between immunology and the microbes that live in and on us, we are realising the potential we have to develop novel medicines and therapies to heal ourselves. Sheena Cruickshank will take you on a quick tour of some of these remarkable developments in immunology as well as introduce you to some of the incredible microbes that could unlock the potential of our immune system. By booking to attend events at the Royal Institution, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Ri's event terms and conditions. Discourses are one of the Ri’s oldest and most prestigious series of talks.

Since 1825, audiences in the theatre have witnessed countless mind-expanding moments, including the first public liquefaction of air by James Dewar, the announcement of the electron by J.J. Thomson and over 100 lectures by Michael Faraday. In more recent times, we have had Nobel laureates, Fields medal winners, scientists, authors and artists – all from the cutting-edge of their field. Discourses are an opportunity for the best and brightest to share their work with the world. Steeped in nearly two centuries of tradition, a Discourse is more than just a lecture. To keep the focus on the topic, presenters begin sharply at 7:30pm without introduction and we lock the speaker into a room ten minutes ahead of the start (legend has it that a speaker once tried to escape.
) We also ask guests to dress smartly to add to the sense of occasion. Discourses are free for members - consider joining today. Find out more about the history of the Friday Evening Discourses on our blog. The dress code for this event is smart (ties optional, no jeans or trainers). Please note, if you are not dressed smartly you may be asked to sit in the gallery. The doors will open at approximately 6.45pm, with a prompt start at 7.30pm. There will be a brief question/answer period after the talk. Latecomers will be admitted to the gallery. Event image sbtlneet via Pixabay.

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