22/06/2019 : Uncover Your Soul Pathway Pen Fan Guided Walk

Uncover Your Soul Pathway – Pen y Fan - Guided Walk

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Uncover Your Soul Pathway Pen Fan Guided Walk

Many years ago, I was wanting to run a retreat to guide people on their Hero’s Journey. The idea that I had in mind would be to guide you physically, spiritually and emotionally. It would be a walking retreat where I would take you on a guided walk over two days through each stage of your Hero’s Journey. At the time, I wasn’t ready as I required support from healers and therapists to assist the participants with this process, though much has changed since then…My work has evolved from the Hero’s Journey and transformed into my Soul Pathway process with the focus being primarily on the Spiritual Journey. This is a journey of finding your Self and connecting with your Soul and in many ways it is a pathway of transcendence as you become whole within yourself. As my work has evolved, so have I...

With that in mind, I would like to invite you to Uncover Your Soul Pathway by following me on this guided walk. We will begin the walk at the base of the mountain and at finish at the peak. During this process, I will guide you on your Soul Pathway to finding yourself and connecting with your Soul. We will begin at approximately 1pm on the 22nd June, and finish at 5pm. Do you feel called to Uncover Your Soul Pathway? If you do, then please be sure to send me a message and I look forward to being your guide...Follow the Event on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/317724038876005/

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