22/01/2020 : Effective Delegation

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Effective Delegation

There comes a point in the life of every business owner when you look around and realise that the thing that is holding your business back…is you. No matter how many hours you work, or how many people you hire, your business doesn’t grow any further. There seems to be an endless number of emails that only you can answer. There seems to be an endless succession of customer problems that only you can solve. There seems to be an endless queue of people knocking on your door to make decisions that only you can make. And all of this stuff is preventing you from grasping those growth opportunities that are hovering there – just out of reach – just waiting for you to explain to the prospect how and why you are the answer to their prayers…if you could just find the time.

When (if) you do find the time maybe these opportunities will have passed. Been gathered in by your competitors. Who are growing while you mark time. Would you like to find a solution to this problem? Is it worth half a day of your time? If so come to this seminar What you will learn: -          Why delegating well is essential for business growth -          What to delegate and when -          Who to delegate to -          How to delegate (so it doesn’t come back) -          How to stay in control when other people are doing the work  A few hours of your time could make a massive difference to the future of your business - here are some comments from previous seminar attendees: "Every section of the seminar highlighted exactly how I felt and pinpointed where I needed to change" "Really helped refocus my thinking about direction" "An eye-opening morning looking at simple strategies that, as business owners, we should all be using" "...We now have proper systems in place, reliable data we can use and most importantly a clear vision of where we are going [...] It is no coincidence that we are closing our best business month ever..."  PS This seminar is not theoretical – you’ll be working on your own delegation plan that you can put into action straight away.

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