21/08/2019 : Blackpool Bmx Club Summer Race Series St August Round

Blackpool BMX Club 2019 Summer Race Series 21st August 2019 Round 4

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Pembrokeshire (GB110)
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Blackpool Bmx Club Summer Race Series St August Round

   Blackpool BMX Club 2019 Summer  Race Series Round 4 21st August 2019 Practice 5.30pm Registration/Sign In 5-30pm-6.30pm Racing As Soon as possible 6.30pm approx  Novices without a Licence Number please leave blank Please register in the age group you will be this year      Expert and novice riders should determine the correct age to race at by subtracting their year of birth from 2019 (ie. 2019 - 2004 = 15 Years), or simply use the age you will be on 31/12/2019 (ie. if your birthday is 21/02/2004 then you will be 15 on 31/12/2019).   Female riders can race in an age group down. e.g. if you are a female aged 9-10, you can register in age 7-8. Make sure you register in the same age group at each round.   Register in the same age group each round if you want your series points to count for a trophy position.

  For date of birth please enter in the format DD/MM/YYYY (4 digits for the year not 2) and enter the same date of birth each time. If a different date of birth is entered for each round the computer will see you as 2 different riders in the series points, giving you a lower position. Other Race Dates R1 22nd May R2 12th June R3 17th July R4 21st August   3 Rounds to Qualify for a Trophy 3 Rounds Count Towards Final Ranking     

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