18/10/2019 : An Evening Tv Psychic Medium Angela Mcghee

An Evening with TV Psychic Medium Angela McGhee

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An Evening Tv Psychic Medium Angela Mcghee

A rare opportunity presents itself in an evening where you can step in to Angela’s ‘world’ and be ‘witness’ to Angelas remarkable ‘Gift’ of being able to ‘reunite ’you in a ‘message’, from a loved one, in a truly warm and compassionate way, in the knowledge that your ‘love ones’ continue to ‘live’, as the soul never dies They not only watch over us but guide us too. Angela Mcghee is one of very few Psychic Mediums in Britain today, whose gifts have been recognised and acclaimed in the Media by high ranking Police Detectives for her help on murder and missing persons cases, from which, she was labelled with the title of ‘Psychic Detective’ for her amazing ‘insights’ into cases revealing truth and evidence.Also Blessed by the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church and her ability has now been tested to success by Scientists.

Angela is renown for her spine chilling appearance in the USA /UK ‘Psychic Investigators’ T.V. series,a documentary drama about Angela and her ‘insights ‘working’ along side Police Detectives helping to solve real-life murder cases.Angela has appeared on many TV programmes and Radio shows worldwide and is also a writer and Columnist for ‘Chat it’s fate’ magazine and served Spiritualist churches & organisations. The request for the use of her unique ‘Gift’ has taken her to many countries in the world . Angela has become an Award winning International Author and has a forthcoming tour of Japan with her latest books ‘Crime Scene Psychic’ -Evidence of the Afterlife’ and her very latest ‘Angela Angels Revisited’- The Psychic Detective .
Here is what a few people has to say about her . Quote- ‘’If I ever found myself in the position of the victims family I certainly work go down the road to the ‘olive branch’ of hope that Angela was able to offer’’-Detective Chief Inspector- Ian Bamber -West Midlands Police Quote -‘Absolutely Spot on Psychic’- Paddy McGuiness -ITV presenterQuote ‘’ Scaryingly accurate Psychic’’ -Mark Wright- ITV PresenterQuote“Angela McGhee should be available on prescription”- Jules McCarthy BBC News journalist. Angela believes her ‘Gifts’ have been developed most, during life’s struggles, during which she was given the greatest ‘insights’ to the supernatural power of the universal God Energy force, to not only help and enable her, but to give help to the millions of people she has ‘touched’ with her ‘gifts’ to date.
An evening not to be missed https://www.facebook.com/625286645/posts/10156255373061646?s=625286645&sfns=mo(Books will be made available or sale & signings) www.angelamcghee.com

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