17/10/2019 : Birthzang Free Antenatal Class Bradford Avon

Birthzang FREE Antenatal Class (Bradford-on-Avon)

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Birthzang Free Antenatal Class Bradford Avon

? Pregnant/going to be a dad? ? Got no idea what to expect labour will be like? ? Can't possibly start preparing as have no clue what to prepare for? ? Burying head in the sand? ? Revelling in blissful ignorance? Not exactly the most practical way to start getting ready to birth your baby, is it? it's got to come out somehow you know. How about taking a few baby steps (yes, pun intended) to start to pull your head out of the sand when it comes to birth? How about finding out a little bit about the why, when, where, who, what and how of labour and birth? How about figuring out what exactly a birth partner is supposed to actually DO? This FREE ANTENATAL CLASS is the perfect way to get your head in the game. You will learn about the CHOICES you have for birth. You will be given a roadmap to start figuring out what to do next in your birth preparation journey.

You will discover some guiding principles that give you a framework to make sense of what you need to know. You will get a practical demonstration of how the baby and body moves in labour and how you can make it easier. You will go from feeling stressed, nervous, petrified and overwhelmed to feeling calm, safe, informed, inspired and confident to take the next steps to ensure your birth is the best birth possible. .... "We have come away feeling really excited about our forthcoming labour and birth after this fantastic workshop. ” Bex & Ben

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