17/09/2019 : Ndm Run Strong

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Ndm Run Strong

NDM Run-Strong This course will improve your strength, stability, mobility, flexibility & general movement with a transfer to running, your daily activities or various sports, or assistance to weight-training. Using various resistance bands and techniques we build through essential general patterns we all need, including squatting, hip-hinging, trunk (‘core’) stabilisation work for backs, upper body pulling, rotational work, and we can progress to more challenging movements such as the Turkish get-up and press-up variations and progressions. Each participant will receive individualised technique/coaching within the group.   Crucial strength work for non-gym-going runners-Sprinting positional work, beneficial to all distances/paces of running-Better performance and injury reduction for all runner distances, even if you wouldn't normally sprint-Including taught plyometrics, which must be done safely This would suit you if you’re curious about resistance trainingWe all must do some form of resistance training for our physical general health:https://ndmcoaching.co.uk/2018/10/16/physical-mental-health-benefits-resistance-training/Feel-good factor included.

This would also suit you if you are already competent in the gym, and perhaps want to find out about other complimentary training methods or prepare for kettlebell work for example, following or alongside this course.   This progressive weekly session programme would also suit you for whatever your sport: -runners-maintain strength & mobility-team sports This would also suit as an accelerated recovery session, or preparation session for the weekend. -A medical form must be completed prior to the day of the session - an email will be sent linking to this once you have booked.Any queries drop me a line. Look forward to meeting you, Nick  

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