14/01/2019 : Ghost Hunting Event The Ripon Workhouse

Ghost Hunting Event @ The Ripon Workhouse, The Main Block, 26th January 2019

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Ghost Hunting Event The Ripon Workhouse

Join Simply Ghost Nights as we go to the Main Block on a ghost hunting event at The Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage, The Main Block where you can investigate the Master's study, dining room, the pantry, classrooms, inmates dining hall, inmates sleeping quarters and many more areas on a ghost hunt. A Workhouse has stood on this site since 1776.  The present building was completed in January, 1855. The Workhouse was almost a self sufficient world of its own with its own teacher, chaplain and doctors, chopping its own fire wood, doing its own laundry, growing its own vegetables, having its own infirmary and its own van to transport lunatics to asylums elsewhere if they became unduly violent. With the coming of the Welfare State, the building was renamed Sharow View and an astonishing change took place.

Locked doors were opened, warm fires and bowls of flowers, chintz covers and hangings did everything possible to disguise the high bare rooms and staircases of the Institute. It is presently used as a centre for Social Services. Join Simply Ghost Nights as we go to the Main Block where you can investigate the Master's study, dining room, the pantry, classrooms, inmates dining hall, inmates sleeping quarters and more. A feeling of doom or at best hopeless resignation must have fallen on many passing through the Gatehouse arch and hearing the door shut behind them. They knew they would leave only in the regulation coffin, 'with two handles, name of the person with the year of their decease inscribed'. Coffins were ordered in bulk. Your ghost night commences with a brief chat about what you may experience as a ghost hunter on the night and how to use all our ghost hunting equipment whether you are using the spiritual or scientific the equipment, you are free to use any of the ghost hunting equipment as you attempt to interact with the spirit world.
On your ghost hunting night and paranormal investigation we do not waste your time or money talking about ourselves on a ghost hunt or taking you on a tour of the building to pass time. What we do is utilise every minute possible into providing our guests with an amazing most haunted experience, at a most haunted venue or location in the U.K, after all it is simply your ghost night. Participate in. Victorian Séances Table Tipping Experiments Ouija Boards Glass Divination Lone Vigils (optional) Human Pendulum Use all the latest ghost hunting equipment such as Mel Meters, K2 meters, Franks box, motion sensors, sound enhancers, night vision goggles, infra red camera's and much more as we search for ghostly communication from the other side. Why not come and experience an evening with Simply Ghost Nights at this fantastic location.
  Drinks and Snacks will be served through out the event

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