12/06/2019 : A Call To Men

A CALL TO MEN ..........

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A Call To Men

We are now living so much longer..but are we Ageing well... So much is known about Women, hormones and the Menopause. Many of our Patients love having Prescriptions created specifically to their own unique hormonal profile.  However, for Men, there has been a very different culture ...until NOW... Our vision for Men is to ensure you live a life with Energy and Passion, for you, we launch the FIRST Care Quality Commission (CQC) Male Registered Clinic in the North East. As it is 'Men's Health Week' from June 10th-16th what better way to celebrate than to have a free and interactive drop in on WEDNESDAY 12th JUNE from 10am until 2pm. We will also address why male health should be given the recognition it deserves.  We will cover; HEALTHY AGEING You will have the chance to have a confidential health and wellbeing check including...

Blood pressure BMI Prostate pack Fat-to-muscle ratio scale Andropause questionnaire Finally, there is also the opportunity to ask further questions about the next step if you wish to go ahead with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) we will share with you a simplistic pathway you can choose from... ESSENTIAL VITAMINS & MINERALS One Nutritional Evaluation (ONE) ONE is a nutritional test helps to give an understanding of individual diet and supplementation needs, and offers a personalized functional nutrition assessment covering Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Digestive Support, and Minerals. Nutritional deficiencies can be a factor of many complex chronic conditions.  Simply using an easy first-morning urine collection (called a first-morning void) to provide nutritional recommendations based on a patient’s individual nutritional test results.  MALE AESTHETIC TREATMENTS Another factor ...Men & Skin'  Melanoma Strikes Men Harder By age 50, men are more likely than women to develop melanoma.
Sun protection can reduce this risk. MELANOMA, the most serious skin cancer, affects the sexes differently. Men are more likely to die of melanoma than women. This is true at any age. White adolescent males and young adult men are about twice as likely to die of melanoma as are white females of the same age. By age 50, men are also more likely than women to develop melanoma. This number jumps by age 65, making men 2 times as likely as women of the same age to get melanoma. By age 80, men are 3 times more likely than women in that age group to develop melanoma. We look forward to meeting you on the 12th. BOOK your Place now ...

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