11/12/2019 : Cookery Workshop

Cookery workshop - An evening of making delicous family treats with the Perfect Samosa Team

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Cookery Workshop

The Perfect Workshop: Make Your Own Samosas and Pakoras With Us. We’re fierce guards of our recipe at Perfect Samosa. The spice, punch and panache of our pastries comes from our own family cooking, so you can see why we keep it close to heart. But now, you can gain the secret for yourself. We’re launching a new series of workshops at various locations that give our samoserers a chance to recreate their favourites at home. In each of these sessions, you’ll learn how to prep, fill, fold and cook a samosa to our award-winning standards. So, what can you expect from our classes? Master the art of samosa making Samosas have always been a huge part of our life. From a family tradition has blossomed many great opportunities, as Perfect Samosa has brought us into contact with thousands of people up and down the country.

Now, we sell our snacks at markets, festivals, fairs and sports events, and have big plans for the future. Cooking might be an art, but we believe it’s one that anybody can take up. That’s why we want to nourish your own talents in the kitchen. Our workshops focus on two key elements in the samosa-making process: the pastry, and the filling. Both parts of the class include hands-on tuition from our founders, Kay and Sanya, as well as drinks, nibbles and appetisers. It’s a warm, relaxed atmosphere drifting on the chance to take 12 self-made samosas home with you at the end of the evening. You’ll also have the chance to mingle with other attendees who share your passion for good food. Here’s what the two halves of the evening have in store: Part 1 – Cooking The Most Divine Filling You'll create one of the following filling recipes: 1.
Aloo Saag Hotpot  2. Taarka Daal Casserole 3. Sticky Bhindi Bhaji  And this pakora recipe: 1. Rainbow Bubble and Squeak Pakora  This is where the artisanal deliciousness begins. Using a number of key ingredients, you’ll tailor your samosa to the flavours you’re most drawn to. From our market hallmarks to some of our more unusual concepts over the years, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into.  Part 2 – The Perfect Pastry Our second part is based entirely around the fillings within the pastry. It’s all about pastries and the folding methods we use, which are very similar to origami. Blending traditional and Wadud family techniques, we’ll show you how to fashion a light, crispy shell for the dream samosa. Location Situated in various location (Please check or message us on Facebook to confirm location), we’re able to give each of our students their own high-spec cooking area.
Ovens, spatulas, a not-so-humble spice rack… It’s all yours for the evening. We’ll be on hand throughout to help and answer any questions. ( Full workshop information is sent via email nearer to the the event date ) So, there we have it: our inaugural workshops are available to pre-book. Tickets cost £50 per person per session. Want to book now? Places are limited. Book on Eventbrite or alternatively come and find us at one of our North West Farmer's market days to get and additional 10% off your booking. Till then, future samocerers – we can’t wait to see you.

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